Reiki Classes


Rei- Spiritual Wisdom

Ki- Life Energy

Learn the ancient healing art of Reiki for use in everyday life. You, your family, friends, pets, plants, and personal space can all be safely infused with the powerful energy of Reiki.

Reiki energy comes from the Universal Energy that surrounds us all. A Reiki practitioner is the 'hollow bone' in which the energy transfers from the universe to the recipient. 


Space is limited. Payment will secure your place in class. Classes will be ongoing, so if you can't get into  one on a given month, you can join later on.

Reiki Level One Class

Shoden ( First Degree )

 April 10th & 11th


This class is the foundation for Reiki learning. You will learn the history of Reiki, how it works, and how to use it. You will learn how to give a session to yourself, to others, pets, objects and space. 

You will learn the basics of chakras, scanning and how to use Reiki energy around you. 

Cost - $150

This cost includes Certification of Completion when class is completed and student has shown a basic understanding of the course. It also includes a Reiki Manual, Handouts, Invitations to Reiki Healing Shares, 10% on future workshops on Advanced Reiki Methods ( not class for level 2 and 3), chakras, gemstones, etc. and offers you the chance to become a member of the Western Slope Reiki Circle. You will also have my continued support on your Reiki path.

Reiki Level Two Class

Okuden ( Second Degree )

 Next Class 

April 24th

10am - 5pm

Reiki Two reviews what was learned in Level One and the students also learn and are attuned to three symbols to increase and focus the Reiki energy. 

The students will be shown when and how to use the symbols in a healing session and in everyday life. 

We will cover how energy circulates within the body, how to do a root lock needed for Reiki Three. 

Cost - $200

This cost includes a certificate of completion when class is completed and student has shown a basic understanding of the course. It also includes a level two Reiki manual and additional hand-outs

Reiki Level Three Class

Shinpiden ( Master Level )

In Reiki Level Three, we review what we learned in class one and two. The student is given the master attunement symbols and will be shown how to use them in a session, life in general, and how to attune others to Reiki. This allows the path of Reik Master to be open to you. You are not considered a Reiki Master until you have begun teaching and passing attunements to others. We will also cover how to start up a Reiki business. 

Cost- $250

Cost includes a certificate of completion when the class is completed and the student has shown a clear understanding of Reiki 1, 2 and 3. Student also will receive the Level 3 manual and additional hand-outs. 


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