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The Renewal of Reiki

Here in North America, it’s the season of spring. This is a time when we focus on renewal- we renew our gardens and lawns, we spring-clean our homes and workspaces and wash winter dirt from the windows. Many animals give birth to new life in the spring, and new life springs up from the ground.

Spring is also a good reminder for Reiki Practitioners to look over our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. We can clean out the cobwebs which have made homes in our minds, trapping old ideas, old thoughts, old concerns, when we give Reiki to ourselves every day.

Spring is the perfect time to renew Reiki in our lives. Here are some suggestions:

1) Pick up a book on Reiki you have never read or look up Reiki articles online. It’s always good to refresh our knowledge and to add to it, as well.

2) Write down habits that no longer serve you and resolve to let them go. What can you put in their place? Instead of watching several hours of television each night, what if you went for a walk, read that new book on Reiki, engaged in a new hobby, or journal?

3) Move the furniture and objects in your house. Rearrange the top of your dresser, hang a new picture, bring in some houseplants. These are simple ways to clear out stagnation from the home, thereby clearing out stagnation from your minds. With renewed energy flow in the house, you will notice renewed energy within yourself.

4) Step outside of your comfort zone in your Reiki practice. Try something new. Have you never worked with crystals in your Reiki practice? Try it. Have you used a pendulum? How about working with color in the Reiki session? Trying different methods helps to hone your skills and keeps your practice fresh.

5) Make a commitment to join in Reiki shares, or to trade Reiki with another Reiki practitioner. It’s important to have someone to share insights and support in being a Reiki practitioner.

6) Meditate. This is the number one way I have found to release old thought patterns and allow new ways of thinking to arrive and set up house.

7) Review your diet. The purer your diet, the purer channel you are for Reiki, not to mention the health benefits. This isn’t to say you should never indulge is sweets or give in to cravings. But remember, our bodies are the channels for the energy to flow. Just like pouring grease down the drain will slow and clog the water running though it- so do dark thoughts, unhealthy foods, and bad habits slow and clog our energy channels.

8) Find new ways of expressing yourself. When we create- we express energy outward. Whether it is through artwork, music, writing, gardening, cooking – express yourself! If you have a favorite way of expression- try tweaking it. Do you do oil paintings? Try a new medium, like chalk or pencil. Play piano? Have you learned any new songs, or attempted a new instrument? Expressing creative energy outwards helps to keep the energy channels open.

To give you some examples of the self-spring-cleaning I have recently done: I rearranged some furniture in my massage/reiki studio, I’ve started learning crochet, I’m putting new focus on growing and crafting more with herbs this year, instead of just growing vegetables, I’m dusting off my Native American Flutes and once again playing and I’m using different gemstones in my Reiki sessions more so than ever.

What are some of the ways you can spring clean and renew your Reiki life?

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