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Reiki Life

I have been a Reiki practitioner for over twenty years, and one thing I have become aware

of is- many Reiki students who earn their Reiki certifications in different levels and training, are unaware of how to incorporate Reiki into their daily lives.

By bringing Reiki into our everyday living, it not only opens us up to self-healing, but it strengthens the flow of Reiki inside us, and fortifies our Reiki channeling abilities.

Reiki is fairly simple to learn, and easy to use, but it is also easily put aside only to be pulled out now and then as needed. Many times, people will receive their Reiki attunements, but life pulls them in another direction, and they lose touch with their Reiki abilities. Some people take a class or two, but don't receive adequate training, or are not able to stay in touch with their instructor and are left feeling inadequate practicing Reiki.

It is my hope this blog will give other Reiki practitioners insight, useable information, and clarity into bringing Reiki into daily life as well as different methods to use in their Reiki sessions.

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