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Grounding and Shielding

Grounding and Shielding is an important daily habit that is good for everyone, especially people who work within other’s energy fields, or who are Empaths and vulnerable to soaking up outside energies. If you begin each day grounding and shielding, you face the world feeling centered and in balance.

Grounding is a part of many activities; yoga, meditation, sports, performances are a few. There are different ways to ground yourself, and when you find one that flows best for you- it’s recommended you practice it every morning. What is grounding?

The grounding I am speaking of is not the same grounding/earthing technique that is gaining traction in the world right now, though grounding/earthing is a wonderful way to improve mental, emotional, and physical health. The grounding I speak of is a simple form that can take place regardless of where you are at, if you have shoes on or not, and sets you up for shielding.

Grounding anchors us to the earth and shielding protects us from becoming overwhelmed with outside energies coming from other people/places. It should be done every morning and can be repeated throughout the day if you find it is needed.

The following is the grounding and shielding technique I use and teach to my Reiki students.

1- Stand straight, arms at your side. Take a slow, deep breath and feel light energy flow down your belly, down the legs, and out the soles of your feet sinking down into the earth.

2- Allow this light energy to spread out like the roots of a tree- deep and wide.

3- Inhale and bring the light energy up from the ground, up each leg, through the torso, and raise your arms high above your head- stretched out with fingers extended.

4- Allow the light energy to flow out the tips of your fingers and the crown of your head, anchoring into the heavens.

5- As you exhale, bring the light energy back down the body, through the legs, and into the ground once more.

Repeat the above steps for a total of three times.

6- As the light energy is below you, allow it to pool around the ground under your feet and bring it up so it covers your feet like a second skin. Keep pulling it up the legs, the torso, around your arms and hands, up around your head until you are cocooned in the light.

7- Visualize the light expanding outward so that you are standing in a huge light energy bubble.

You can access and re-expand this light bubble throughout the day as needed.

If you have trouble visualizing the light movement, simply say to yourself the actions, “I am sending light down into the earth”, “I now bring the light up my legs”, and so on. Eventually, you will be able to see and feel the light.

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