January Specials

Mohom is the Lao name of the clay pot where the indigo plant is boiled to give off the deep blue dye. With this treatment, you experience the ancient healing art of Hmong shamans, used to treat muscular aches and pains. A steamed indigo herbal compress, filled with pure remedial ingredients is thoroughly massaged into your body, followed by a Royal Thai & Aromatherapy Massage to alleviate sore muscles, back and joint pain as well as reduce stress and detoxify. Indigo is said to improve muscular tone and drain away toxins while eucalyptus, clove and black pepper essential oils dissolve muscular tension, embracing you in an aura of calm and harmony. The products used in this session are organically grown and made in Thailand.
The poultice is sent home with the client, who can reuse it as a compress, or in shower/bath for a cleansing treat.
*not to be used on pregnant women
Special Price - $100
$20 deposit required, which is refundable if you give 24 hr notice of cancellation. 


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